MediaAnalyzer is a market research institute specialized in measuring and optimizing advertising effectiveness. Our proven test procedures allow analysis for marketing campaigns in all media channels. By using a combination of non-verbal tools and target group surveys we measure consumers reaction precisely, innovatively and efficiently. On that basis, we give practical recommendations in order to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

The success of your campaign depends more than 50% on the creation. Your success is our mission.

Independent studies show that pretesting can increase the campaigns impact for more than 20%. Which means, converted to the total budget for marketing, agencies and placement, that any campaign can have a much greater impact for a fraction of the total cost, when a pretest is conducted.

Advertising is always a balancing act. A poster with striking colors can be very eye-catching, but doesn’t necessarily fit the brand image. An ad with an original testimonial can be very funny, but does it also arouse interest in the product? A TV commercial with emotional music can be appealing, but does it also convey a benefit? Such questions can only be answered by appropriate market research.

After all, despite having profound marketing and agency expertise, no one can predict with certainty how consumers will react to a new advertising campaign.

When creating a new campaign, the responsibles are always convinced by the idea. Nevertheless, not every marketing campaign is as successful as expected. Only when the creation has been tested in advance it also can be optimized for its maximum impact.



Test the effectiveness of your commercial or animatic


 Test the effectiveness of your audio spot

Out of Home

Test the effectiveness of your (digital) outdoor campaign


Optimize your ad, mailing or flyer


 Measure the overall impact of your online campaign

Point of Sale

Achieve maximum impact for your packages and displays



“After implementing the recommendations of MediaAnalyzer, we determined that we were able to increase the success of our advertising material noticeably with the knowledge we gained.”

Uwe Habicher, Head of Brand Management, Rudolf Haufe Verlag

“The analyses from MediaAnalyzer are extremely valuable to us because we receive specific recommendations for the optimisation processes and the expert opinion is simply convincing in communication with our customers.”

Hannelore Grams, Managing Director, Ogilvy Interactive Worldwide

“With its test procedure, MediaAnalyzer offers an interesting extension of our field of vision and is competent, fast and inexpensive.”

Dr. Eberhard Dziobek, Market Research, Bayer

“Outstanding! The system and the way in which the results are presented impressed me in advance. But what was really exciting was the experience of seeing advertisements that I know well myself suddenly being judged by our readers.”

Joe Hall, Marketing Services Manager, The Economist
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“In the various studies on package designs, out-of-home or print campaigns, I have come to know MediaAnalyzer as a very flexible institute that implements projects quickly, straightforwardly and cost-effectively. The result reports are focused and to the point and provide actionable recommendations. Therefore, I appreciate the cooperation with MediaAnalyzer very much and can definitely recommend them.”

Sabine Rauch, Ferrero

“Since 2017, we have appreciated the partnership and innovative spirit of MediaAnalyzer. Our common goal is to maximize the effectiveness of audio communication for advertisers. The best example is our cooperation project RMS Audio.Analyzer, which has set new standards for the genre in the field of advertising media pretests by combining fast operationalization with in-depth analysis.”

Philipp Schulte, Head of Market Research, RMS Radio Marketing Service GmbH & Co. KG