EmotionTracking Emotions Measurement

See what your target group is feeling:
Measure emotions online

  • EmotionTracking enables the measurement of emotions directly while watching TV or online spots, animatics and while listening to an audio spot

  • Feelings are measured by moving the mouse left or right

  • Changes in the emotional evaluation can be recorded second-by-second

  • Innovative further development of established real-time response procedures

  • Respondents receive visual feedback without distraction from the test spot

  • No software installation needed

Emotiontrackinig-measuring-emotions-with-mouse-movementsEmotionTracking makes it possible to measure emotions directly while watching a TV commercial or online spot, or while listening to an audio spot. Test persons spontaneously move the mouse to the left or right according to their respective feelings. The method records every change in the emotional evaluation second-by-second in order to visualise arcs of tension and the swings of the emotion curves.
It is used in combination with an online survey.

This measurement answers the following questions:

  • Does the spot reach the target group emotionally?

  • Which scenes are emotional drivers?

  • Which scenes arouse negative emotional reactions?

  • How does the spot have to be optimized for maximum impact?

EmotionTracking is an innovative development based on the established real-time response methods. An essential innovation is that the feedback about the momentary evaluation takes place via the peripheral vision of the test persons. Thus, there are no distractions of the subjects’ attention by the input instrument.

EmotionTracking does not require any special software to be installed on the test persons’ computers. The independence of software and also hardware (slider) makes it possible to use the test online and thus reach complex and large target groups quickly and worldwide.


Black curve – average of emotional evaluation
Orange curve – change compared to the previous second