AttentionTracking method for attention measurement

See through the eyes of your customers

AttentionTracking is an interactive, online-based method for measuring attention.
It is used in combination with an online survey to measure advertising effectiveness.

  • Attention tracking is measured with the computer mouse on the home PC

  • A person’s attention controls their motor skills, incorrect entries or deliberate false tests are filtered out by scientific algorithms

  • The AttentionTracking method has been validated, scientifically

  • No software installation needed

  • It is used in combination with an online survey to measure advertising effectiveness

In contrast to the classic apparative eye movement measurement (EyeTracking), attention is measured with the computer mouse during AttentionTracking. While test subjects playfully complete a test on their home PC, exactly where they look when viewing a visual on their screen is recorded.

The method uses the fact that human beings have only one indivisible attention. This controls both motor activity and perception. Incorrect inputs or deliberate false tests can be filtered out by scientific algorithms. For an AttentionTracking test, no cumbersome software has to be installed on the test person’s computer. Due to the independence of software and also hardware (e.g. eye camera) the test is universally applicable. Thus, even complex target groups can be reached quickly and nationwide.

The validity of AttentionTracking as a method for attention can be proven by scientific research. Research and studies confirm a significant correlation (r>0,92) between data collected with apparative methods (Eye Tracking) and with AttentionTracking.

A recent example is the publication “Attention and Information Acquisition: Comparison of Mouse-Click with EyeMovement Attention Tracking” (Egner et al. 2018) in the Journal of Eye Movement Research.

Perception measurement answers these questions, among others:

  • How well does the motif assert itself in the environment?

  • Are important elements such as headline and brand paid attention to?

  • Is there cannibalization by a visual that is too strong?

  • How must the motif be optimized to increase its impact?