Due to the online recruitment of test persons, there are no regional restrictions. It is possible for us to conduct online studies for you in all countries worldwide.

The optimal sample size is important for the evidence of a study. However, a large sample size is not synonymous with more meaningful results. The representativeness in the population, the methodological framework conditions and the selection procedure are some of the influencing factors that should be taken into account. In order to deal with this complex planning, we will be happy to advise you at any time and find a solution that is tailored to your research interest as well as to your budget.

The target group of an advertising impact test is usually based on the target group of the product. The target group can be defined according to various socio-demographic as well as other criteria. In order to deal with this complex planning, we will be happy to advise you at any time and find a solution that is tailored to your research interest as well as to your budget.

In addition to evaluation criteria from five relevant and proven dimensions of advertising impact, individual solutions for questions can also be taken into account. Our experienced project managers will be happy to advise you.

Related to data collection: We carry out various quality controls.

Screener questions ensure that only the desired target group is interviewed.

To ensure the correct use of AttentionTracking and EmotionTracking, there is a special short training.

Only those who successfully complete the training are admitted to the actual test. It is technically ensured that all questions are answered, the advertising material is viewed and AttentionTracking & EmotionTracking are carried out correctly. In addition, respondents who answer too quickly or click on patterns are identified and excluded from the survey. In addition, there are content-related plausibility checks as well as control questions to ensure that the respondents answer consistently and read through all questions and items

For our online surveys, we recruit test persons via external online panels. People have registered in these pools in order to be able to participate in online studies on a regular basis. We work with various established panel providers, e.g. Respondi, Dynata, Gapfish, Bilendi, Norstat.

Ideally, an advertising material test takes 3 to 4 days. For this, we need an already agreed questionnaire, the advertising material to be tested and a binding project commitment. Normally, however, we take a little more time for the coordination with the client, because this benefits the validity of our research.

Yes, this is possible. It is rarely asked for because the presentation of the data in charts in the presentation of results is more suitable for most cases.

A report usually contains information on the research method and sample, the test results and a management summary. This summary consists of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), as well as a written summary, the interpretation of the results and specific recommendations.

You will receive the final results 1 – 2 weeks after the start of the project. Depending on the goal and scope of the analysis, this time frame can be shorter or longer. As we specialise in advertising impact analyses and pretests, we know that things often have to move quickly. We are happy to adapt to your wishes and deadlines.

We usually deliver the results in the form of a PowerPoint report including a summary in the form of KPIs and a meaningful summary including recommendations for action/conclusions. Of course, we can also send you alternative formats for more information. Labeled data sets (SPSS) or tabulations (Excel) usually require additional effort and will be gladly provided for an additional charge.

Advertising creations are the most important influencing factor for the campaigns success. A badly performing creation ruins every campaign! At the same time, the entire campaign budget may be wasted. It is only sensible to safeguard against this by subjecting the creation to a pre-test. This costs only a fraction of the campaign budget and provides a reliable prognosis of whether the campaign will be successful even before it goes live. Furthermore, the pre-test provides information on possible optimisations of the creation. A creation optimised in this way leads to a significantly higher advertising impact for the same media budget.

MediaAnalyzer combines the findings from non-verbal measurements with the results of explicit surveys to determine a comprehensive picture of advertising impact. Based on the quantitative data from the target group and our many years of expertise, we deliver practical recommendations for a campaign with maximum impact.

Before we start, we need some information about your target group, questions and so on. We then agree on a questionnaire with you. Once the analysis is complete, you will receive our report with all results, including a KPI overview and management summary. The lessons to be learned will be discussed with you in detail.

The starting point for optimising advertising media is first to realise that there is a need for optimisation. This is where an advertising media test comes in. Strengths and weaknesses of the advertising media can be derived from the feedback of the target group. Such a profile of strengths and weaknesses is the starting point for deriving concrete measures to improve the creative impact.
Often it is “only” small technical details that need to be adjusted in order to achieve a greater increase in effect. This can be, for example, the positioning of certain elements in advertisements or posters, a change in the sequence of scenes or voice-overs in TV or audio spots.
MediaAnalyzer reports always contain a management summary in which such concrete recommendations for optimising the advertising impact are made.

A good creation process contains intermediate steps in which the ideas and results are objectively reviewed. It is advisable to integrate the target group for which the campaign is being made into this review. Ideally, a market research institute should be involved in the process right at the beginning of the campaign planning. In this way, campaign-specific details can be defined and content for concept, motif, storyboard/animatic and advertising media tests can be prepared. This procedure supports a quick implementation later on (approx. 3-4 days).

On our website you can find exemplary references of some clients. Furthermore, MediaAnalyzer was awarded for its methodological competence in the image study of market research service providers 2020/2021 within the “Smaller Agencies – Full Service” and also landed among the top ten in the category “Overall Impression”.

We have built up an extensive benchmark database from advertising media tests over the last 15 years.

For TV spots, Audio spots, Animatics, Concepts and Posters, we can offer an industry- and media-specific benchmark for many sectors.

The measurement waves in a tracking can be determined individually and are usually based on your media plan. The optimum is one measurement before the placement, one or more measurements during and one measurement after the placement. This gives you a very good impression of the advertising impact of the corresponding advertising medium.

AttentionTracking measures the visual attention of the target group. For advertisements and OOH motifs, it is possible to record the assertiveness within the first few seconds, which is crucial for the advertising effect.

  • Are the respective creations seen?
  • Which of the areas particularly catch the eye of the target group?
  • Is the brand being captured?

AttentionTracking can answer all these questions.

EmotionTracking measures the emotional tension/emotional engagement during perception over time. Positive and negative states are distinguished and their intensity is recorded. The time-resolved recording allows direct reactions to individual scenes or segments during the viewing of TV-spots or online spots to be measured in the same way as reactions to purely auditory stimuli such as audio spots.

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