Our surveys for advertising impact analysis: Question your exact target group, fast and accurate

In contrast to our non-verbal tools, our surveys focus primarily on conscious and verbally measurable impact dimensions. All relevant dimensions of advertising impact are considered: Impact, Emotion, Cognition, Branding, Action

Our quantitative surveys are conducted online and mobile. We ask both open questions (where the respondent can answer freely) and closed questions (where the answer options are predefined). By developing the questionnaire in close consultation with the client, we ensure the best outcome with regard to the results of every single question.

The interweaving of our tools for attention measurement (AttentionTracking) and emotion measurement (EmotionTracking) with the survey data enables a greater depth of focus in the advertising impact analysis. Every variable collected via the survey can be related to the results of the attention or emotion measurement.

In addition to our core area of quantitative online surveys, we also offer a qualitative approach for specific questions. Within the scope of these surveys, guidelines adapted to the research questions are developed. The survey is conducted by experienced interviewers and offers observation opportunities during the execution. Based on the interviews, individual learnings are generated and summarised into categories.